Picture of Lucinda and Michael Rasmussen

Lucinda and Michael Rasmussen

Welcome to our page - Heaven'sUp Blog. Michael and I will be writing and posting our thoughts about how to live the authentic Christian life.

We have been Christians for many years. We have both been in leadership since we were 16 years old. Michael was on the worship team. He is at heart a bassman 🎸. I started a dancing group. We used our music and dance to tell the story about Jesus on the streets in Durban, South Africa - the city I was born in 💃🏻. Over 30 years later, we can still catch a beat!

We both love music and dance, and we are both worshipers of our God above all else; above being married, above having four grown children, leading a church, working jobs. Triune God is and will always be first and center in our lives and our life's pursuits!